To help you reach your financial goals

The “Investment World” can be a very tricky for those who do not understand how the trade works, and because of that, it is very important that the sources used to manage and monitor ones financial well-being is a Trusted Source. Listed below are sources that Tempo Investments uses to explain to its clients how the market works and how it can work for them and you.

Charting Service – A stock charting tool for comparisons of stocks, ETFs, and funds. – Great site to understand investments

iShares – Good site for researching ETFs.

Morningstar – Good site for researching ETFs.

Paying for Retirement – This is a good article summarizing pre- and post-retirement strategies. Our Firm often discusses these issues with clients yet this is an all in one place article for your reference.

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator – Simple, easy to use tool that helps you calculate the minimum withdrawal amount from an IRA.